DavidR XV

DavidR XV is electronic, experimental and/or instrumental.  
If you would like to support my musical endeavors,
CDs and MP3s are available in the links below.
If not, then feel free to download my music here.

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Of Scorched Earth (full album stream)

1. Permanently Frustrated (MP3)

2. I Don't Read Minds (I Just Erase Them) (MP3)

3. Split Second Nightmare (MP3 / Video)

4. Never Escape from Lastday (MP3)

5. External Memories (Mind Encryption Remix) (MP3)

6. Counter Revolution (MP3)

7. Decaying Satellites (MP3 / Video)

8. Sun Crux (MP3 / Video)

9. Faint Signs of Hope (MP3)

10. Strange Pastures (MP3)



The Never Ending Emergency (full album stream)

1. To Practice Introspection (MP3 / Video)

2. Escape from Lastday (MP3)

3. External Memories (MP3)

4. Twenty Eighty-Four (MP3)

5. Lost in Metropolis (MP3)

6. Floating Above Myself (MP3)

7. Sleep Cycles May Vary (MP3)

8. Free Running (MP3)

9. Memory Lapse (MP3)

10. Double Depression (MP3 / Video)

11. The Sun Gets Cold from Here (MP3)




Noise Reduction (full album stream)

1. Hello, I'm DavidR (MP3)

2. Made in Japan (MP3)

3. Health Code Violation (MP3)

4. Music is Dead (MP3)

5. Nothing Matters (MP3)

6. Future Insomnia (MP3)

7. Biomechanical Autopsy (MP3)

8. White Noise Whiplash (MP3)

9. Silly Girl, TRIPS are for Kids (MP3)



Le Funeral Lounge (full album stream)

1. Blue Cellophane (MP3)

2. The Lone Gunman (MP3)

3. A Decomposition of Myself (MP3)

4. At the Carnival (MP3)

5. Coldhearted Metal (MP3)

6. Dark City (MP3)

7. Gold and Red (MP3)

8. Rain on Glass (MP3)



Hyper Anesthetic (full album stream)

1. Oxygen Mask (MP3)

2. Surgical Strike (MP3)

3. Spy vs. Spy (MP3)

4. Medical Trance (MP3)

5. Industrial Sized Whips (MP3)

6. Requiem de Mozart (MP3)